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The 'Pharmafic' database (Compiled data on pharmaceutical compounds) has been initially prepared by CEMAGREF as a support to the research activities held within the 'REMPHARMAWATER' project. This project aimed at assessing environmental impacts and developing innovative removal technologies for human pharmaceuticals, which are introduced in the aquatic environment through wastewater.

It also naturally supported the activities handled within the 'ENIMED' project, which aimed at identifying pharmaceuticals and related compounds in french wastewaters, and to assess their ecotoxicological characteristics.


The initial database is now named 'PharmaEcoBase', and has been further developed within the 'ERAPHARM' project ; this change does not only involve a new name: the chemicals compounds listed in the database now include some veterinary drugs, and screening risk assessment modules have been added.

The data were obtained from the scientific literature, other databases and through the project itself. 'PharmaEcoBase' runs under the PostgreSQL database management system (DBMS) and its web interface uses the PHP scripting language and the Apache HTTP server.

Authors: Marc BABUT, Christophe BIASINI, Arnaud COGOLUÈGNES, Benoît FERRARI, Nicolas RAIDELET, Olivier SMEDTS, Dai-Minh VO

Acronyms & related sites

ERAPHARM : means Environmental Risk Assessment of Pharmaceuticals ; this 6th framework research programme (contract number 511135) aims at improving and complementing existing knowledge and procedures for the environmental risk assessment (ERA) of human and veterinary pharma­ceuticals.

REMPHARMAWATER : ecotoxicological assessment and removal technologies for pharmaceuticals in wastewater. REMPHARMAWATER is granted under the 5th European common research program, and started in December, 2000. More details (aims, partnership …)

REMPHARMAWATER results were presented and discussed at the international conference ENVIRPHARMA, along with those of several other EU-sponsored research projects.

CEMAGREF : means Agricultural and Environmental Engineering Research ; it is a french public research institute that targets results directly useable in land and water management.

ENIMED : (Identification et quantification de substances à visée thérapeutique ou diagnostique dans les stations d'épuration et évaluation des effets potentiels sur des organismes non cible) is a research project granted under the french research program on ecotoxicology ( PNETOX ) ; this project focused on the identification of compounds different from those included in REMPHARMAWATER, and on their ecotoxicological assessment. ENIMED was led by Pr. Claude CASELLAS, University of Montpellier I and started in January 2002 and was completed by June, 2005.

AFSSAPS : the French Pharmaceuticals Agency is in charge of the assessment of pharmaceuticals and other heath products.

LEEM (formerly SNIP) : French Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association.

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